Disabled Students' Rep Candidate

My name is Demi Rixon and I am a second year Law student. I believe that I have outstanding qualities to represent the disabled students here at DMU.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. Both of these illnesses are invisible so for many it is hard to believe I am disabled. Throughout my time at university, I have battled with this illness whilst trying to maintain high grades. Despite this, I always posses a positive outlook as I have found that positivity has always got me through those hard times. I am determined to not let the illness hinder my aspirations. Rather, develop myself into a kinder and empathic person. I aim to spread this positive outlook onto other disabled students.

My aspirations for this year:

1. Organise an invisible disabilities event – educating staff members and students on the types of invisible disabilities and how it affects some students.

2.Run a fortnightly meet up for students with disabilities to come together and create a community. A place to make friends or share stories in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

3. Work alongside the DSU to provide fresh creative ideas on their disability events and campaigns.

4. Run a ‘Shout out’ campaign where students can come along and see the positives of being disabled. A chance for students to learn about disabilities creating a wider community for the disabled students at DMU. It is called ‘Shout Out’ to give disabled students an opportunity for their voice to be heard.

If you elect me as your disabled student’s rep, I will create a strong community so no student feels alone and we can confront negatives together. I will raise awareness of all types of disabilities. I will make each student feel comfortable and valued at DMU