Welfare and Equality Zone

What do they do?

The Welfare & Equality Zone will lead on DSU activity in relation to intersectionality and will ensure that DSU actively consults with liberation groups to inform activity and campaigns. Campaigning will focus on issues such student housing, sexual and mental health and equality.  The Zone has responsibility for overseeing DSU’s activity for “Raising and Giving (RAG)” and will hold the Welfare Executive and Equality & Diversity Executive to account.

The Zone membership will be:

  • Equality & Diversity Executive – Diya Rattanpal
  • Welfare Executive – Katie Hobbs
  • Women’s Representative – Aisha Karim
  • Black, Asian, Minority Ethnicity (BAME) Representative – Jinder Mann
  • LGBTQ+ Representative – Roisin Forde
  • Disabled Students’ Representative – Caitlin McBurnie
  • International Students’ Representative – Madeleine Shimata
  • Postgraduate Representative – Bushra Zafar
  • Mature Students’ Representative – position vacant, TBC
  • 3 x Faith and Cultural Society Committee members
  • 2 x Volunteering/Charity Society Committee members

The Welfare & Equality Zone will regularly report back to Student Council on wellbeing, equality and inclusivity matters. 

Resources and meeting dates will be updated once the 2019 Zone elections are concluded.

Nomination and Voting

  • To nominate yourself you need to be an elected committee member of a Faith and Cultural Society or a Charity Society