School Representative Co-ordinators - key resources 

Below are some of the key resources for SRC's. 

Key SRC presentation   SRC Objectives and Development Plan 18/19   SRC Role Outline 18/19: UG/PG & Research   Key information for SRCs


What is a School Representative Co-ordinator?


School Representative Co-ordinators (SRC’s) are students who work to make change for you at a School Level.

If you have anything that you think should be changed and that effects students in your school or faculty then you should contact your SRC.

Find out who your SRC is here. 


What do SRC’s do?


They talk to student to find out what they think on key issues. Then they attend a series of key meetings at the University to make change for students.

SRC’s also feedback to students on the changes which the University is making. They will feedback to you in lots of different ways, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox. 


Course representative and SRC’s


If you are a Course Representative then you should get to know the SRC for your School. SRC’s can help you with any big issues that you face as a course representative and they have great contacts with key people in the University.

You can find your SRC here.


How do I become an SRC?


Each year SRC’s are recruited. Any student can fill out an application form and if successful they will be invited to attend a selection day. If you want to apply and would like some advice, feel free to contact

During the recruitment period you will receive an email encouraging you to apply.