Policies & FAQ's



Policy is passed by the membership and by student council. There are currently two types of policy, firstly those where DSU take a particular stance and, secondly, those that mandates areas where the union should be lobbying. 


Any member of DSU can submit policy to Student Council. To find out more please e-mail your Student’s Union President (lwilliams@dmu.ac.uk)


To download our policies just click HERE.


Date to Lapse

1 in 4 - Mental Health and Student Wellbeing

Lapses November 2015

Anonymous Marking

Lapses November 2015

Banned from one, banned from all

Lapses January 2015


Lapses April 2013


Lapses November 2015

DSU at external events

Lapses November 2015


Lapses November 2015


Lapses November 2014


Lapses November 2015

Funding for students

Lapses November 2015


Lapses November 2015

International students’ fees

Lapses November 2015

Representatives educational understanding

Lapses December 2013

Sexual health and responsibility

Lapses November 2015

Sporting facilities

Lapses November 2015


Student activities inclusion and participation

Lapses March 2013

Student Engagement

Lapses January 2014


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