LGBTQplus Representative

Your De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) International Students' Officer this year is Vivian Nwagboso.

Daniel is a final year Creative Writing and English Literature student at De Montfort University.  Daniel has been involved with DSU as a committee member for Demon Theatre, Card Gaming Society and DMU LGBT+ Society - which has kept him busy! He still however finds time to take part in open mic events across Leicester.

Through his role, Daniel aims to make sure that DSU is a safe environment to be yourself and explore who you are. You are here for three years or more, and Daniel says he wants that to be a great experience where you can shine as the fantastic people that you are both on and off campus.

Daniel’s aim is to help DSU increase equality measures, as well as making sure LGBT+ issues are known and understood by staff - an area that has mixed coverage. But he says he cannot do this alone, so will be talking to as many of you as possible to listen, learn and represent you to make your university experience the very best it can be.

In Daniel's manifesto he promised to work on these key areas:

  • Advancing equality for all students across campus
  • Hosting events with the LGBT+ society to raise awareness of important issues
  • Engaging with national campaigns
  • Ensuring DMUPride2017 is an enjoyable and thought provoking event


You can get in touch with Daniel on Twitter @DSU_lgbtq, on email at