International Representative

Your De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) International Students' Officer this year is Vivian Nwagboso.

Vivian is a second-year Biomedical Sciences student at De Montfort University (DMU). Vivian describes herself as someone who does what’s right.  She says she’s here to put a smile on your face, say things as they are and achieve equality among all students, especially international students.

As an International Student’s Representative her main aim is to lobby for  all students pay the same fees – no matter where in the world they are from.

This is Vivian’s second year holding this post. In her first year in this role, Vivian achieved a successful policy through council saying the the students’ union should lobby for all students should pay same fees. In this year, her main priority is to push and see that we make a difference.

Her second priority this year is to improve the visa help international students are offered – i.e. in different circumstances there could be further help offered by the university to extend visas.

In Vivian's manifesto she promised to work on these key areas:

  • Lobbying for financial assistance for internationl student and equalising international student fees to home student fees
  • Advertisement of definitive course duration dates to ensure visas are correct
  • Promoting teaching styles from other cultures
  • Improving the experience of international research students


You can get in touch with Vivian on Twitter @DSU_Itnl, on email at