Officer Team

Your Executive Officers

Destiny Maz

Academic Executive Officer

"The collective voice and collaboration of students is paramount to the success of Academic Representation. As your elected Academic Executive Officer, I will lobby for the academic interests and needs of our Union's members; overall, I will continuously act on my aspiration to improve your student experience."

Komal Shahzadi

Equality & Diversity Executive Officer

"As your Equality and Diversity Executive Officer for this Academic year I will make sure you all get equal opportunities and make the most out of your university life. As I wrote in my manifesto “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” Looking forward to help you throughout the year."

Priya Karasala

Opportunities & Engagement Executive Officer


Amir Iqbal

Union Development Executive Officer

"With 4 years as a DMU student, involved in various societies, acting as a student ambassador and participating in a wide variety of events, I have had the opportunities to share my voice as a student leader, and now it's time for me to help you project yours.”

Fluffy Adewola

Welfare Executive Officer

"Drawing on my project expertise and commitment to your well-being, I'll work to provide better mental health support, foster inclusivity, organise engaging events, and offer personalised assistance. Let's make this year exceptional together!”
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