All 22,000 students at De Montfort University are all automatic members of the Students’ Union. The Students’ Union is a student led organisation that represents students and runs campaigns to improve the student experience at De Montfort University.  The Students’ Union is led by the Full-time and Part-time officers, and that officer team is chosen in the Leadership Elections. 

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Types of officer

The officer team is made up or students and recent graduates elected by the student body to lead your Students’ Union.


The full time positions are open to all students and can done after graduation or taken as a gap year. You will be paid an annual salary of £18,734.00 including benefits and 20 days paid holiday, you will be contracted to work 37 hours per week.  


The part time positions are open to students that be will be a fully enrolled student in the next academic year (2016/17). This is a voluntary part-time role that is tailored to fit around your studies at De Montfort University; the usual commitment is roughly 2-3 hours per week. 

NUS Delegate

De Montfort Students’ Union is affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS). NUS represent students nationally and represents you as a student at De Montfort University. Every year NUS hold a national conference to elect it next student leadership, debate policies and direction of the NUS for the up coming year. Each affiliated Students’ Union like De Montfort Students’ Union send a delegation of students to represent them. There will be hundreds of students from across the country discussing current and important issues.

The NUS Delegate role is an important position that ensures that De Montfort University students get their voices heard at a national level. The NUS National Conference will be held on Tuesday the 19th of April till Thursday the 21st of April in Brighton. Your Students’ Union will pay for accommodation and travel arrangements.      


How can I get involved? 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then you can nominate you self here. Or if you have any questions please email


Who can run in the elections?

Any De Montfort Students’ Union can run in the elections.

If you decided to run for one of the full time positions and you are in the final year of your degree than you can do it as a graduate job. If you are still studying then your degree will be paused whilst you complete the post.  Please note, if you are receiving funding to cover your fees, then please check with your Personal Tutor or Lecturer that your funding won’t be affected.


What posts are available?

You can run for any of these full time posts:

Represents all students and leads campaigns, responsible for the democratic structures of the Union, unrivalled access to the most important staff within the University

Deputy President Education
Runs the Course rep system, leads academic campaigns, represents students on Academic issues

Vice President Media and Communications
Supports the Student media, and makes sure that all the SU’s communications are  clear

Vice President Student Activities
Supports Societies and Sports clubs, and all other student activities

Vice President Welfare and Community
Campaigns on issues relating to students welfare and local community 

Or any one of these part time posts (please note that you must be a student for the whole of the academic year 2016/17)

Black Minority Ethnic Students’ Representative
Be the Voice for BME students and make a difference for those students

Disabled Students’ Representative
Represent Disabled Students’ and campaign to make a difference

International Students’ Representative
Gather the views of International students and speak out on their

LGBTQ+ Students’ Representative
Represents all LGBTQ+ students at DSU, makes sure that their voice is heard within the Students’ Union and University

Mature Students' Representative
Represent Mature students and make sure that positive change happens for this student group

Women’s Representative
Speak for female students and organise campaigns

NUS Representative
Representing DMU students at a national level


How can I find out more?

If you have any questions you can always email


Key Dates

Lead your DSU day

19th January 10-4pm- drop in when ever you are free to discuss anything about the elections. first floor of the campus centre building

From the 19th January to the 19th of February
This is the time when you can formally put your self forward to lead DSU.

Candidates academy
10th and 11th February, 2-4pm (you should only attend one day)
This is a session that will tell you a bit more about the Students’ Union and give you more campaigning tips.

Manifesto Deadline
19th February 
This is the last possible date you can submit your manifesto.  Failure to submit a manifesto could lead to your disqualification from the elections.

Photograph Deadline
19th February 

Take an official photo with the Students’ Union that will be used on the website and in the elections booklet.
Monday the 15th February 2pm -3pm
Wednesday the 17th of February 2pm -3pm

Candidates Briefings (you need only attend one)
29th February Queens Building Q0.10, at 4-6pm  

3rd March Queens Building Q0.09 at 4-6pm (you must attend one of theses). 

Campaigning starts
Friday 4th of March

12 noon on the 7th March to 2pm 11th March
Students will have a link to the voting page sent to them in an email; they will also be able to vote on most mobile devices

Results announced
11th March at the Students’ Union Lobby 5pm