Feedback Forums

What is a Feedback Forum?

A Feedback Forum is a large meeting consisting of first years and Course Reps across the university. Here, issues are debated which are relevant to your academic experience, and also gives you the chance to raise issues to the Deputy President Education who can then go and lobby to make those changes on your behalf. The issues that many students raise will become a priority for the Deputy President Education to lobby on during the next term. 

There are also questions asked of you to help the students' union gain data on the current set of issues within your faculty or we know as a union may appear in the near future. The data gathered from these Feedback Forums also feeds into a report the students' union presents at the end of the academic year which highlights the main issues students are concerned about in regards to their academic experience and recommends the university take certain steps to improve this.

At the beginning of every Feedback Forum, the Deputy President Education updates students on what was raised in previous forums and what changes has been made following your feedback.

Below is a visual representation of how Feedback Forums work within the students' union.