The Big Meeting

General meetings

So...what is a General Meeting?

An excellent question; a General Meeting is a chance for the entire membership of De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) to debate, discuss and vote on some of the most important issues currently affecting students. It is also where the DSU Executive Committee present the finance budget, discuss affiliations and pass constitutional changes.

Sounds interesting, how often are they and can I attend?

Well, General Meetings always occur once a year. This is known as the Annual General Meeting. However, further General Meetings can be called by the DSU membership (you student types) or the DSU Trustee Board, these are called Extraordinary General MeetingsAny member of DSU (any current student with the exception of those that opt out) may attend, debate and vote at these meetings however other types of members (such as Alumni members) may only be able to attend as observers.

Excellent, when is the next one and what are we discussing?

The next general meeting is scheduled for December 2014. But Extraordinary General Meetings  can be called to discuss a topic by students or the Trustee board. Why not come and ask us about you to do it? 

What happened at the last meeting?

Well, DSU proposed some changes to the Byelaws and Constitution of DMU. So we took these changes to the meeting for the Student Body to agree to them. 

Both the documents were agreed and the changes passed.

To read the proposed new constitution click here

To read the proposed new bye-laws click here

April 2014 - Bye-law Changes and Overview:

April 2014 - Updates to Memorandum and Articles of Association:


You can find the minutes of previous General Meetings below:

December 3rd 2013 - AGM


December 4th 2012 - AGM