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This page gives a brief overview of a campaign and how to create change at DSU. If you have an issue you would like to take further contact the Executive Support and Campaigns Coordinator at who can help turn your idea into action!

Creating Change

There are many ways to make change, the simplest is speaking to the relevant individuals and them agreeing with your case to make the respective changes. However there are times people are not sure, or flat out disagree, and there is where campaigning comes in.

What is a campaign?

Simply put a campaign is a way to create change on the issue you feel passionately about. Many individuals should come together for a campaign and be able to measure its success.

What is NOT a campaign?

Campaigns are NOT one-off events or about raising awareness, but these can be part of a campaign. A prominent example would be raising awareness of mental health issues but not lobbying to decrease the issues, such as more counsellors, which would make it a campaign.

The Campaigns Cycle

A campaign generally goes through 5 phases:

Analysing the Issue

This is finding out what you want to change by identifying the causes and effects.

Setting Aims and Impacts

What is the impression you want to make, and who has the power to make those decisions?

Setting Outcomes and Actions

This is planning your campaign and ensuring your goals and actions are realistic.

Delivering and Monitoring

The fun part, running the campaign and putting all your plans into action!


Looking over your campaign, seeing what went successful, what didn’t and any improvements.

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