Welfare Champions

Are you interested in helping improve the student wellbeing at DMU? Do you want to ensure the student voice and your feedback is listened to at all levels of the DSU? Do you enjoy talking and supporting others?

Then why not become a Welfare Champion? 

Welfare Champions are there to listen and signpost students to the best support for them. They feedback information to the SU on issues students are currently facing and help engage students to wellbeing campaigns and events that are lead by the DSU. They work closely with the Welfare Executive to ensure that student wellbeing issues are heard and are fed back to the University. This is a great way to improve your CV, get valuable experience and for you to make a difference and improve your own and others student experience.

Find out more about what it means to be a Welfare Champion

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Any questions? Email Benjamin Smith, Welfare Executive at benjamin.smith@dmu.ac.uk