Pubic Lice

Pubic Lice are small insects that live on coarse human body hair that cause itchy and red spots. Public lice are caught through close contract with someone who has them. This is usually through sexual contact; there is also not enough evidence to suggest that these can be transferred through bedding for example.
Male and Female symptoms
  • Itchy red spots, it can take up to three weeks for this to occur and it is usually worse at night
  • You may be able to see the live lice and eggs in your pubic hair, in your chest hair, armpit hair and facial hair for example
  • Dark powder on your underwear
One diagnosed the pubic lice can be treated with lotion or shampoo. Everyone that has had close contract with you needs to be treated. This will include your partner and also members of your household.
To find out more go to the FPA website –

Getting tested

The pubic lice can be detected through examination from either your GP or local GUM Clinic. For more information about where to get tested follow this link.