Could You Be Pregnant?


If you have had unprotected sex (without any contraception), you can be at risk of becoming pregnant. Remember to use contraception, as soon as a man’s penis is erect it leaks a few drops of semen called pre-ejaculate. This means that there is even a risk when the penis enters the vagina without contraception, even if the man does not ejaculate.

FACT: There are around 2 million sperm in one drop of semen!

If you think you may be pregnant it is important for you to get tested. You should wait 2 weeks after having unprotected sex before getting tested or you may get a false negative result.

The DSU SSH Service offers free pregnancy testing for your peace of mind and space for you to discuss your concerns regarding sexual health. One of the volunteers will do your test with you and talk about the result.

It can be scary and it may be easier just to ignore what is going on, but the sooner you know the sooner you can make the choices about your pregnancy. The clinic volunteers can help you find out more about all of your options and what to do next whatever your decision is.

Signs of Pregnancy

• Missing a period

• Feeling sick – you may feel sick or experience vomiting, which commonly known as morning sickness that can happen at any time of the day

• Change in your breasts- your breast may become larger and feel tender just like they may do before a period. They may also tingle or the veins may become more visible and, the nipples may become darker

• More frequent urination

• An increased vaginal discharge, irritation and soreness

• Tiredness

• Craving new foods or a losing interested in certain products that you previously enjoyed.

For more information about pregnancy go to the FPA website –  

Pregnancy test can be carried out from the first day of missing your period. The pregnancy test works by detecting a hormone in your urine. If the tests show that you are pregnant it is important to get information and support during this time.

The university offers students support during their time of study, it is important to ensure that you keep the university informed to ensure they can support you everyday. You do not have to leave university if you find out you are pregnant, there is help available.

If you feel that you cannot talk to your tutor yourself visit the DSU SSH Service for information or the Welfare & Support centre in the Students’ Union to ensure you get the support you deserve.

To find out more about the Welfare & Support Centre follow this link -

There are many different types of contraception. Click here to find out more about which is the best for you!

Need more help? Get advice and support from DSU Welfare