Your Health


Mental Health

We often underestimate the effects of day to day events on our brain. Once you’ve started University you quickly get sucked in to the lifestyle of a student. Late nights spent drinking and partying in the first half of the year and energy drink fuelled marathons in the library in the second. It’s important to take a step back during our time at Uni, not all the time, but just once a week or so. Visit our Mental Health page, for guidance on how to keep an eye on and control stress levels, increase happiness and relax.

Drink Aware

It’s easy to forget how much you’ve had to drink on a night out, in fact it’s very unlikely you’ll remember the morning after. But it’s important to try as best we can not to go over our limit, and to know when we’ve had enough. There’s plenty of peer pressure on nights out with friends to rival the amount they drink, if not more. Visit our Drink Aware page, to discover the facts about drinking, and tips on how to avoid drinking too much on a night out, but still have a great time.


Fitness is an integral part of staying healthy, happy, motivated and even stress free. When you go for a run or work-out, a chemical in your brain called serotonin is released, this chemical simply makes you happier and more positive. Scheduling time in the week around your lectures and social life to get your heart rate up through sport or going to the gym, will make a huge difference to the way you feel. Visit our Fitness page explore why fitness is so important to students.


Keeping a close eye on your sexual health is as important as any other health issue. Don't be afraid to comfront worries regarding any sex related issues. Run by your fellow students, the SSH Service is your go-to place for sexual advice, testing and much more. Stay safe and comfortable during your time at University. Visit the SSH Service page for information or to book an appointment.

ABOUT sexual crime

If you feel you've been involved in sexual crime, visit this page to access a number of contacts who will give you advice, support and assistance. You may be unaware of some of the things classed as a sexual crime, and although it's unlikely you should ever experience anything like this during your time at University, it's imperative you stay safe and are wise to the dangers of sexual crime.

Forced Marriage

There are around 300 cases of forced marriage reported each year in the UK and many more which go unreported. If you are in this situation, click here for help and advice. 


Bullying & Harassment

The terms 'harassment' or 'bullying' are often used to describe the same thing - behaviour which the recipient finds unacceptable, offensive or upsetting. The behaviour is likely to result in an intimidating, hostile environment in which to study, live, work or enjoy a social life. Neither of these are tolerated at De Montfort University. Please visit this page if you feel you have experienced either.