Withdrawing or Transferring Course


Many students each year decide their course wasn’t the right choice and they want to leave Higher Education or change to another course and / or University.

It is easy to withdraw or transfer from your course; you have to complete a form that can be found in your student advice centre and speak to your course leader who will sign the form.

When transferring, make sure your place is secure on the course you wish to transfer to before leaving DMU otherwise you could end up without a course. So get your offer for your place on the other course before speaking to your course leader on your current course.

However there are important things that you need to consider before deciding when to withdraw or transfer.

·         Have I signed a housing contract?

·         Effects on funding

·         Will I have to pay any tuition fees to the University if I withdraw now?


If you have signed a fixed term shorthold tenancy for next year or you are part way through one you will not be able end the tenancy early. This means you will be liable for the rent and would have to find a replacement for yourself in the contract to end it. Please follow this link to find more information on housing. (link to our housing advice pages)


Only if you are in the University run halls and you are leaving DMU, will you be able to move out and not be liable for the rent. If you are unsure please book an appointment with an adviser at DSU Welfare with a copy of your contract.



Undergraduate students funded by Student Finance England will normally receive funding for one year of repeat study under the regulations.. So for example, if you are studying a three year undergraduate course, you are normally entitled to three years plus one year of repeat funding, totalling four.


If you have already used this additional year of funding, you must show that you had compelling personal reasons for repeating in order to receive funding. You must request that your circumstances are considered and submit relevant evidence; it is then at the discretion of Student Finance England as to whether funding can be paid.


Seek advice from DSU Welfare if you are unsure about how many years of funding you have left. We can also help with a compelling personal circumstances request.



Once a term has started, you are liable for the full fee for that term, even if you withdraw or interrupt your course during the term. If you are entitled to student finance they will only pay up until the day you withdraw so you may be left with a shortfall to pay yourself depending on the date you withdraw.


International students will be liable for 50 per cent of the fee if you withdraw during the first semester irrespective of the date of withdrawal. After the Christmas vacation, a pro-rata charge will be levied on a daily basis.


Here is a link to the University refunding policy:





Need more help? Get advice and support from DSU Welfare