Academic Offences


Uni can be tough. Sometimes workloads can pile up and it can feel like you've got deadlines coming out of your ears!  It can be tempting to take shortcuts to get assignments done and exams passed. But is it really worth it?


Look at it like choosing between preparing a ready meal - super quick and convinient but not very tasty and bad for your health, and a nutricious home cooked meal cooked by yourself using the freshest ingredients.  It may have taken a little longer, but the home cooked meal is always the winner, right?

The home cooked meal is the essay or exam that you spend the time researching for and putting your heart and soul in to. The one that's a higher quality and sure to get you the better grades. The ready meal is the one using all of those nasty shortcuts.  These shortcuts are called 'academic offences' and, if caught, can get you into serious trouble. Academic offences include plagiarism, collusion and cheating in exams.

But what if you are charged with an academic offence?

The fact is, many students each year attend University meetings to discuss allegations that they are guilty of an academic offence.

If you receive a letter asking you to a meeting in your faculty, seek advice from us - the Welfare Team at your Students' Union.

We can help you prepare for the meeting, explain what the University rules are and can usually attend the meeting with you. This is also the case if you have been asked to a hearing.

We can explain the different definitions of an academic offence and gives more information about how the University’s procedure works.

We would strongly advise that you take time to make sure you understand how to reference properly. The University library services, CLASS (located on the ground floor of the Kimberlin Library) as well as some faculties have resources which will help you to do this. This will help you get to grips with what’s required in your academic work before it becomes a problem.

For more information, please read these guidance notes.

Need more help? Get advice and support from DSU Welfare