Sometimes problems can occur with the marking or the methods of assessments. Occasionally the University when setting exams or coursework can make errors. If you feel that you have been prevented from achieving your true potential in an assessment by something that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to appeal against the decision.

You must submit an appeal on the official form, no more than 21 days after the official release of the assessment mark. You should attach a written statement with the form, which must explain the full circumstances of why you are appealing. You should attach any written evidence you have to your appeal form, which supports your case.

Make sure that the paperwork you include is relevant and crucial to your case. Seek advice from us about filling in the form, your written statement and any evidence you are including. We can also attend any meetings with you and represent you at any hearing.

This leaflet gives more detailed advice about submitting an appeal and the procedure involved.

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