Rights and Responsibilities

Whilst you are a tenant and paying rent to your landlord this confers on you a list of rights that you are entitled to, however it also confers some responsibilities which you must undertake whilst you are dwelling in the property.


  • Your landlord has to give you 24 hours’ notice before they come into your property, unless there is an emergency.

  • Your deposit must be put into a protected tenancy scheme with 30 days and returned to you within 30 days of moving out

  • Your property must be safe and in a good state of repair; this includes supplies of gas, electricity and water.

  • You are to be supplied with the name and address of your landlord or agency to contact in case of repairs or any issues.

  • In the case of eviction you are to be given at least 28 days’ notice and this must be supplied with a ‘Notice of Seeking Possession’ a special legal form.

  • You are entitled to an energy performance certificate to inform you how much energy on average the house uses; this is helpful if you are paying bills yourself

Certain acts can constitute harassment such as:

  • Constant visits from your landlord or agent without warning

  • Entering your home without permission and without notice

  • Cutting off your energy supplies

  • Threatening you with violence

Certain acts also constitute an illegal eviction such as:

  • Forcing you to sign agreements

  • Locks being changed when your are out

  • Being physically thrown out

  • Preventing you from getting into your home


  • Pay the rent and bills on time until the end of the tenancy.

  • Report repairs and other issues/damage to your landlord over the phone and follow up in writing.

  • Stick to the terms of your tenancy agreement e.g. don’t do things that are forbidden, ask permission when needed and keep records if it’s given.

  • Take care of the property e.g. keep it clean, put rubbish out, heat and ventilate to avoid condensation/mould or burst pipes, unblock sinks, change light bulbs.

  • Don’t cause nuisance to your neighbours.

  • Give the landlord access when notice has been given or without notice in emergencies.

  • Keep copies of any letter/emails with your landlord and any other records.