Are you ready?

There are many different times in your university journey where you will likely be looking for privately rented accommodation but before you rush into the signing phase here is a check list of activity you should undertake!

  • Research the area you want to live in, the type of accommodation and agree a budget

  • Be sure that the people you sign a contact with are those you would actually like to live with for a year who have similar priorities to you.

  • Collect or print one of our Ready, Steady, Rent checklists out!

  • Book viewings with various properties so you can compare prices and location

  • Check if you need a guarantor and claim their permission if so

  • If you need a deposit, ensure you have the funds to do so

  • Had your contract checked by the lovely people in DSU’s Support Team, we strongly recommend you do!

  • Found out and confirmed, in writing, where your deposit is going to be held

  • Consider local amenities and travel times to University

  • Made sure it is the property you want and you are happy with the contract

Types of Housing  

There are many different types of housing including: Halls, Privately Rented, Purpose Built and HMOs. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as not having to deal with bills, a traditional student housing experience or having something more state of the art, so make sure you have one that is right for you!

Deciding who to live with..

Think about things such as your priorities, your privacy needs, your own bad habits and if you are an early bird or night owl. You do not want to live with someone completely opposite as that may lead to issues later down the line!