Moving In

You’ve signed your contract and now you’re ready to move in. In the cases of summer retainers you are not allowed to move in during the summer period unless you pay full rent, so make sure you clear this up with your landlord and find out the specific date you can move in.

As a new tenant there are a couple of tasks you should undertake as soon as possible. To make sure you cover everything we've created a Moving In Checklist:

  • Are you sure you can now move in?
  • Have you got all the keys for the property?
  • Have you completed the inventory with as much detail as possible?
  • Have you taken photos of the property? (Keep them saved for when you move out)
  • Have you got the contact details of the landlord in case of repair/maintenance?
  • Have you made a note and taken pictures of the meter readings?
  • Have you contacted all energy and water supplier to let them know you are the new tenants?
  • Have you applied for a TV licence and checked you have contents insurance?
  • Have you obtained a Council Tax exemption form from the Student Gateway?
  • Have you made sure that the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors work and discussed where any fire equipment is located?
  • Have you found the main fuse box and water valve (or stopcock)?
  • Have you highlighted any repairs to the Landlord and asked for written confirmation that they will be fixed?
  • When’s the bin and recycling day(s)?
  • Have you been given a copy of the Gas/Electricity safety certificate?
  • Do you have a copy of the tenancy agreement?
  • Meet your neighbours! It contributes to the community atmosphere you have in town but also reduces the likelihood of burglaries