At SUpplies we offer a full range of binding from soft cover project binding to full hardback binding.

Please check the details below to guide you through what we have to offer and how we can help you.

What kind of bind are you looking for?

For standard dissertations and projects that require wire or comb binding we can usually do this while you wait and can bind a maximum of 500 pages (on the comb bind option) You would need to bring in your work ready printed and we recommend printing onto good quality paper of 80gsm or above.

How much will dissertation binding cost?

Standard soft back binding including a clear front cover and coloured card back cover starts from £2.50 for A4 and £3.50 for A3 for around 20 pages. The price increases slightly depending on the number of pages to be bound and the type of covers chosen.

We have a selection of front and back covers including clear acetate, polypropylene and card.

For any additional information or advice please contact us on 0116 3664802 or email

What are our Binding times?

Binding times are Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00 pm.
Full shop opening times can be found here

Please note that during dissertation binding deadlines we will need a little longer to complete your binding. Ensure you leave a minimum of two hours before your hand-in deadline.