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From art supplies, stationery, DMU hoodies, clothing and gifts to printing and binding services - your shiny brand new SU shop has now opened it doors! 

SUpplies can be found on the ground floor of the Campus Centre (next to Simply Fresh). Our super friendly SUpplies team have a wealth of knowledge about many of the bits and bobs you might need for your course, as well as providing a first rate printing and binding service.  

And the best bit? Every penny of profit from the shop is reinvested into societies, volunteering, Advice, and all of the other awesome stuff at your students’ union.

Contact us on 0116 3664802 or email for enquiries.

Opening Hours
9am - 4pm Term Time
9am - 2pm in the Holidays

Star Products

Art Pack

Ref: P10016090

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Price: £145.00

This Pack Includes:

  • Tin of 12 assort pencil (8B-2H)
  • Koh-I-Noor Plastic Eraser
  • Putty Rubber Blue. In Box
  • Set Of Gioconda Soft Pastel Pencils 12
  • Willow charcoal medium box
  • Koh-I-Noor Anilinky Brill W'Colour 12 pan
  • Black Individual 710 Fountain Ink 50g
  • Air-Drying Modelling Clay 500g WHITE
  • A3 pad 140gsm 50 sheets
  • A4 pad 140gsm 50 sheets
  • Modelling Tools pack  
  • Red plastic kraft knife snap off
  • A3+ Cutting matt
  • Aluminium ruler 30cm
  • 3M Masking tape 24 mm
  • 0.5Ltr Bottle General Purpose Pva
  • Glue stick 40g
  • A4 Euro Poplin book White paper
  • A3 Euro Poplin book White paper
  • Precision Grip Scissor 10 Inch
  • Pencil Sharpener single Hole Metal
  • Black Fineliner 5pk
  • Golden Synth Brush Set
  • Plastic Palette 6 Well Tray
  • A2+ polyholdall (With Black Handle)
  • Hi-Tac Mount Spray 400ml/can
  • Coloured polycolor pencil- White
  • 200ml Acrylic Paint Tube Black
  • 200ml Acrylic Paint Tube White
  • 200ml Acrylic PaintTube Pri Red(magenta)
  • 200ml Acrylic Paint Tube Primary Yellow
  • 200ml Acrylic Paint Tube Primary Cyan
  • Toison D'Or Soft Pastels COLOUR SET 12
  • UB-185S needle tip 0.5mm
  • UB-185S 3mm line
  • Handy Glue Gun
  • Glue sticks for Handy Glue Gun
  • A3 Seawhite Storage Box
  • Professional A3 Archive Box

Please allow 10 working days for your pack to be put together.  This can then be collected from the SUpplies shop (ground floor, Campus Centre), or DSU Reception outside term time.