Running & Athletics

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Running & Athletics

For all who want to keep fit or improve their fitness we are here to help!

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We are a running club at DMU for people of all abilities. 

Don't worry about how much running experience you have - we have groups and sessions for all abilities:

 WEDENSDAY'S : Club Night (group runs catered for all abilities/experience levels) at 17:00, at Watershed, in studio 2,
We aim to run up to 2k to 3k for group 3, speed/distance dependent on ability. Group 2 is 5k to 7k. For Group 3 anywhere between 7k to 10k.
Let the running leader of your group know if you want them to adapt the run for you guys or if you have any questions, worries or concerns and they'll be happy to do this/answer these.

PARK RUN - Every Saturday, meet at the Student Union at 8:30AM or meet us at Victoria Park at 8:50. This is a great way to be competitive and push yourself!

SOCIALS : We will hold socials throughout the year, which gives you the opportunity to socialise outside the club! These will consist of nights out (occasionally themed), joints socials with other societies and clubs, non drinking Activities such as cinema, bowling, mini golf etc. 

RACES : We aim to do at least one race a month, whether it be cross country or road. we will enter as a group and it is a great way to stay motivated and push to get better!

FUN RUN : These are also something we are keen to include, such as Tough Mudder, Wolf Run, and all types of fun runs. Suggestions from club members are more than welcome!

CHARITY AND SPONSORED RUNS : We are looking to get involved with some of these runs this coming year, so we would welcome any suggestion for a charity you would like to raise money for!

VARSITY : Varsity will likley be in March 2022, we would love for you to compete!

CLUB COMPETITION : We will hold competition within the club for each running level e.g Beginner, intermediated and advanced. This can include a competition for the most monthly miles and fastest time! however participation is optional. 

STRAVA - We have our own club on Strava. This is a great way to track your progress and look how the others in the club are doing!

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Health & Safety
Eleanor Edwards
Alex Secker
Social Secretary
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