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Welcome to DMU Swimming and Triathlon Club

The DMU Swim and Tri team is an exciting and sociable club that is about getting to meet new people whilst enjoying a passion for Swimming and/or Triathlons. As the name suggests we are split into two sports, the first is the swim team and the other is the triathlon team however, we encourage all teams and members to mix and have a go at everything! We hold training sessions for both throughout the week all year round. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Winners of the DSU Sports Award - 'Community Club Of The Year' 2020

Winners of the DSU Sports Award - 'Activator Of The Year' 2020 

Winner of the DSU Sports Award - 'Sportsman Of The Year' 2020

Finalist of the DSU Sports Award - 'Committee Of The Year' 2020

Winners of the DSU Sports Award - 'Community Club Of The Year' 2019

Winner of the DSU Sports Award - 'Activator Of The Year' 2019

Winner of the DSU Sports Award - 'Sportsman Of The Year' 2019

Finalist of the DSU Sports Awards - 'Committee Of The Year' 2019

Winners of the DSU Sports Award - 'Committee Of The Year' 2017 

Winners of the DSU Colours award -'The Most Improved Sports Society' 2016

Nominees of the DSU Colours award - 'Sports Society Of The Year' 2015



Competition wise there are many opportunites to enter Swimming galas in the first two terms – the most important of these are The BUCS Short course, BUCS Long course and BUCS team competitions. Our biggest and most fun gala of the year however,  is Varsity which is held in the second term. This is a competetive gala against The University of Leicester. This year we hope to retake the girls varsity title whilst also bagging the boys and team titles!

We also partake in a number of Triathlons, which vary in distance. We try and make sure our competitors are well trained before hand and we often do very well! Often our competitors have only recently taken to the sport, which goes to show you don't have to have done the sport beforehand to train and do well in a competition.

There are also many other events which we take part in such as various fundraising events, charity matches and much much more!!


Above from left to right: Our female volunteers at the 'Goals' 2019 charity match ; Varsity, 2019; Our Swimming and Triathlon 24hour Charity Bike Ride, 2019. 


We hold six swimming sessions, two running sessions, one circuit and one spinning session each week. These vary in intensity and you will be informed as to which sessions to attend that best suit your ability. We accept all abilities into our swim sessions the only requirement is that you can swim two lengths (50 metres) unaided.

Monday 06:30 - 08:00 @ QE2 - A & B Team Training

Monday 19:30 - 20:30 Running Session, Meet @ SU Steps

Monday 20:30 - 21:30 @ QE2 - C & D Swimming Session

Tuesday 19:00 - 20:00 Couch to 5K Running, Meet @ SU Steps

Tuesday 20:30 - 21:30 @ QE2 - A & B Team Training

Wednesday 14:00 - 15:30 @ QE2 Studio - Spinning and Circuits 

Wednesday 15:30 - 17:00 @ QE2 - Open Club Session A,B,C & D

Thursday 19:30 - 20:30 Running Session, Meet @ SU Steps

Friday 06:30 - 08:00 @ QE2 - A & B Team Training (TBC)

Friday 19:00 - 20:00 Couch to 5K Running, Meet @ SU Steps

Friday 20:30 - 21:30 @ QE2 - C & D Training

Sunday 12:30-14:00 @ QE2 Studio - Spinning and Circuits 

(training times are subject to change)


We hold socials every Wednesday without fail – this will be your chance to get to know the people on the team and find your place at De Montfort. Our meeting bar is The Laundry Bar across from QE2. 

These social events often have fun themes and include team bonding games which are great chance to get to know everyone and to have fun as teammates !

Aside from weekly social events we also hold events such as annual Christmas meals, end of year meals and attend university awards nights such as the Sports Awards Night, where we took home the Community Club Of The Year 2019 - among many others! Also, we hold weekly meals and have recently begun to participate in the DMU Homecoming events, inviting Alumni members back for a weekend of socialising and fun competitions. 

Above from left to right: The 2018-2019 Committee at the DSU Sports Awards ; The C & D Team Meal ; The team at the 2018 Christmas Meal; Homecoming, 2018

Annual Team-Building Holiday

Every year we go on our own Swim and Tri team-building holiday during the Easter holidays, over the last two years we have been to Croatia and Mallorca. These trips are a great way of bonding with the team, having a great time and getting a good tan before the summer term begins! 

Mallorca, 2019

The girls in Croatia, 2018

Portugal, 2017

Malta, 2016


Tenerife - 2015

FOR MORE INFO: contact us via

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 

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Health & Safety
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Faith Mowat
Swim Coordinator
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