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“There are more than 11 million people suffering from hearing loss, that’s 1/6 of the population in the UK!”


About us…

The Audiology society (TAS) is a student-run organisation set up to benefit Audiology students academically and socially. As most Audiologists lead to a professional profession, TAS aims to assist with the education and personal development for all society members.

The events organised by TAS will include:

· Peer-based learning sessions to encourage society members to succeed academically.

· Lectures from clinical experts within the Audiology field to widen our knowledge regarding the course.

· To help improve future prospects of TAS members, we will aim to work with the British Society of Audiology (BSA) to allow TAS members to get assistance from experts who review the professional clinical practice procedures, which will help develop the key skills for the profession.

· TAS will also try to host charity events to help raise awareness of hearing deficiencies within the local public.

Joining the society will allow students to gain access to our academic events, as well as helping to raise awareness of hearing deficiency for individuals within the UK.

We are a newly formed society and with your membership we intend to expand nationally and work in partnership with other universities offering the BSc Audiology programme.

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