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Welcome to Spectrum (2019/20)!

We are a society that create a safe and enjoyable environment for people with autism, anxiety, mental health conditions, physical disabilities and so on. We are more than just a society, we are like family. So come along to play games, enjoy fun trips out, chill out and have some calming time and meet and learn about all sorts of like-minded people. 

Along with other events, every week we run a casual social in Mill Studios 0.32 from 5-7pm each Tuesday. Feel free to drop by and join us in a variety of games, movies, general chit chat and other laid back activities and get a break from the hectic uni life! We do encourage you to sign up as it's the only way we can save up the funds to throw bigger and better events, but don't let that hold you back from coming along. Feel free to try out yourself and just drop in!

To find out more, especially about the rest of our events, be sure to follow either our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages at dmuspectrum and get updates on everything that is happening as soon as it's announced!

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