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Welcome to the Medical Science Society page!

FOUNDED and RUN BY the students FOR the students! 

A society dedicated to helping Medical Science students get the most out of their university life by combining both academic and social events! 

With two separate and distinct aspects to the society we are one of the most actively diverse societies at DMU, combining a great mix of social and enjoyable events with support and advice with your studies, the Medical Science Society is here to help you get the most out of your time at university.

Social events will consist of pub meets, nights out and meals out, with larger events, such as bowling and Alton Towers visits being planned and scheduled throughout the year. These are just basic ideas to be built on, we want YOUR ideas, after all, it is your society!

The academic side of the society will focus on enhancing your employability and improving your time at DMU through our various courses such as charity work and mentoring assistance and advice. We understand that moving to university is a big change and a huge undertaking, it’s a good thing that the society is here to help all students through this time, whether you have issues with the course, a specific piece of work or are simply seeking information about the exams and what you may need throughout the year, the Medical Science Society is here! Not sure whether you should/could be doing anything in addition to your studies, we can help!

In addition to assistance with your current situation we also hope to supply everyone with any advice or support you may want for your future career, whether it’s applying for Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary science through to getting into Pharmaceuticals and Research we aim to provide assistance with any queries you may have. 

Join up, get in contact with us on our Facebook and Twitter account and keep an eye out for our next event!




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