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What Is It?

An academic society the bridge between multi-disciplinary students interested in a career in the video games development industry. We provide our members with opportunities to network with students and guests from the world fastest growing industry; build teams, start projects of their own and create portfolio ready work during workshops and Game Jams.

We also:

Host Industry Guest Lectures and Appearances; where members get the chance to meet Developers.

- Plan travel to industry events: Industry Workshops (London), Develop (Brighton), EGX (Birmingham), EGX Rezzed even possibly Gamescom (Germany). This includes providing discounts on certain ticket purchases and travel.

Offer tutelage to anyone in the society looking for a helping hand, of particular help to upcoming first years.

- Utilize spaces for smaller study workshops or ‘Game Jams’, creating an environment where members who otherwise would have never met, can organize a team, direct a project and create a body of work.

- Offer a platform where students can communicate and exchange knowledge, offer their talents, all to expand their skills toolkit and portfolio to better prepare for a job in Industry





- Our first Game Jam; hosted in September 2015, had a total of 45 attendees. 8 Games were produced in 48 hours.

- Welcomed guests such as Concept Artist Alex Brady, Sound Designer Sam Hughes, Art Director and co-founder of SIGTRAP games Gary Lloyd.

- NUS published an article focusing on the accomplishments of our Society. The first NUS article to mention a DMU Society, EVER!

- We won 'Best New Society' award in 2015 at the Vice-Chancellor Student Societies Dinner.

- Nominated for Vice-Chancellors award in 2015 at the Vice-Chancellor Student Societies Dinner. 

- We were nominated for Best Academic Society and Best New Society in the 2015 National societies awards!

- We went on to win the 'Best New Society' at the national societies awards! This makes us the best new society in the whole country of 2015.

- Over 120 members in 2018/2019 year.

- 80+ attendees at our game jams.

- Attended EGX Rezzed in London in 2019.

- Became affiliated with LevelUpUK and Sidefest, two companies interested in helping student games developers.








Academic Events
Tennessee Renvoize
Branding Officer
Paris La Bouchardiere
Charlie Jenkinson
Natalie Mitchell
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Edward Wootten
Game Programming Representative
Joshua Simons
Thomas Stillman-Allbones
General Organiser
Natalie Mitchell
Head of Communication
Dominic Hayes
Health & Safety
Daniel Clipston
Sanjay Charavanamuttu
Samuel Towner
Social Media Officer
Paul Caughey
Special Events Officer
Jamie Hall
Oliver Cook
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