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House - Design Society

Welcome to House! We are a design society and agency founded by DMU’s Graphic Design and Illustration students.

Throughout the year we run competitions, paid briefs and voluntary briefs with a large client base, such as DMU itself, FashionUK, and Insight Consultancy. We also have jobs come in where businesses are seeking logo designs, photography, animation, motion graphics, illustrations, fashion design (high street fashion), artists, etc. All of which will look great on your CV (even if you’re not seeking a career in the Art & Design world).  

We also schedule talks with artists and employers working within the design industry who come to talk about their experiences and what they look for in their employees - sometimes they offer summer internships too. Which again also looks great from a future employers perspective.  

House is a family, we want you to feel like you always have somewhere to go to, especially when starting out at a university. Existing members are like big brothers and sisters and we actively encourage the Guru and Grasshopper mentoring ethos which is held throughout DMU.  

When and where are socials held? 

Our first social will be a taster session open to everyone held in the Gateway House studio 2.5 at 6pm on Wednesday the 16th of October. It will be an Inktober themed event, bring your brushes, pens, inks and paper and we’ll draw different prompts from the Inktober prompt list and get to know one another.  

We’ll also be hosting Drink and Draws and film nights in the studio and in the city. Stay tuned for our Halloween event! 

We’re open to suggestions so if you have an idea for a social event let us know! 

Who can Join? 

Anyone with an interest in design can is welcome! Even if graphic?design isn’t a strong subject but you have an interest in design, art, photography etc. we want you to take part and join our society. 


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Vice Chair
Alicia Miles
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