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The Skateboarding Society at DMU (DMU SB for short) is a newly created society this year which aims to promote and provide events for the community of skaters at the university. Join us every Wednesday for our weekly skate sesh or come along to one of our farther afield trips to skateparks across the UK! (Event details can be found on our facebook) If you're fed up of not landing kickflips and fancy a relaxing drink or you are a beginner with a burgeoning interest in the culture then feel free to join us at our weekly socials also every Wednesday. DMU SB aims to be active on a variety of social media platforms to showcase local talent so be sure to follow us @DMUSB on Instagram.

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Alfie Dibrowa
Haider Khan
Ibrahim Hussain
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No Elections running
  • Flo Skatepark Nottingham Wed 28 Nov 2018 - General£15.00
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