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The Islamic Society is all about inspiring students through the message of Allah (God) and his Messenger (Muhammad, peace be upon him) to create a positive and united community on campus. We aim to represent and cater for the welfare, education and well-being of all Muslims on campus. We seek to provide a platform to support both Muslims and Non-Muslims on campus. 

Becoming a member means you can get involved with our many socials, enjoy discounts on our events, receive regular updates, and be part of the biggest family on campus!

You can find our prayer room in the Portland Building to cater for your spiritual needs.

We ask Allah to guide us all!

DeMontfort University Islamic Society
DeMontfort University Prayer Room
Portland Building (Ground Floor)


Umar Begg
Merve Kunt
Education Officer
Usamah Ahsin
Health and Safety
Merve Kunt
Rizwana Ahmed
Social Media Officer
Amjad Falah A Alshahrani
Yusuf Munir
Social Officers
Mahraf Ahmed
Lauren Gillespie
Rameesha Siddique
Aisha Wajid
Student Affairs
Suleman Rafiq
Samra Begum
Umar Tailor
Vice Chairperson
Busra Kaygusuz
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