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Hello prospective DMU student!

Chances are if you clicked on a link that sent you to this page, you like rock and metal music! The De Montfort University rock and metal society is a group of people with a passion for alternative music and drink. Sound like your kind of thing? If so come and join us and have a good time, meet new people and share and discover new music!

We host a bar crawl every Thursday evening, starting at 7pm and ending with our hosted DJ night at firebug from 12-4am, where the music is loud and heavy and the drinks are cheap!


As well as our weekly bar crawl, we organize a variety of other events. These include:

- Small gigs promoting local acts
- Special event nights (e.g. game nights, laser quest nights)
- Meals out
- Transport to larger gigs in places such as Nottingham and Birmingham (with the potential for subsidised tickets and / or transport)
- Firebug Christmas meal
- Free transportation to & from Download Festival at the end of the year (for those who choose to attend the festival for 5 days).



After signing up you will be given a society card, which will give you the following benefits:

- Discounts on drinks in Rileys and Firebug
- Free hours of pool as part of our Thursday night socials
- Discounts on society run gigs
- Discounts on entry to firebug rock and metal society nights


We hope to see you in the next academic year!

Jordan Harry Rose
Equality Officer
Charlotte Rojewska
Health & Safety
Kieran Hickman
Social Secretary
Richard Allsopp
Robert Cusack
Vice Chair
Alisha Hamill
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