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Welcome to the baking society!

We are a new society open to anyone interested in baking, the society is not exclusively for avid bakers it’s for individuals of all levels, no judgement just fun! 

Our society will consist of different types of events & activities. We will host workshops and tutorials tailored to all levels as well as themed baking and challenges such as bake-offs. These will be running every two weeks as well as a monthly Bakesale.

We will also organise more social events such as café hopping, study dates and trips to patisseries & cafes locally as well as in other cities. This will be an opportunity to meet new people as well as discover cafes and the local area.

It can be overwhelming to choose one cause to contribute to when we feel passionate about a range of causes that need our attention, one of the main aims of the society is to hold a monthly themed bake sale where the raised funds will go to a particular charity of the month selected by the society members & committee. It’s a fun way of contributing whilst doing something you are passionate about, displaying organisational skills and channelling creativity. 

If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please contact us prior to attending an event so that we can accommodate. 

We are a new society & are always open to suggestions and feedback. if you want to know more about our society or have any questions please feel free to contact us on our Instagram or by email. 


Our Committee 2021/2022 

Chairperson - Soundouss Aziz 

Treasurer - Pooja Patel 

Health & Safety - Naima Yaqub 

Secretary – Rumaysa Bhana 

Soundouss Aziz
Health & Safety
Naima Yaqub
Rumaysa Bhana
Pooja Patel
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