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Homeless Outreach

Welcome to the Homeless Outreach Society page!

We are a brand-new society for 2019 and we have the ambition to create a society that remains for years to come that can change lives and our city-wide society for the better. Throughout the academic year, we hope to trigger positive change within the city of Leicester and all those effected by the issue of homelessness. We aim to become a group that consists of empathetic individuals willing to work hard to make a difference. Please read ours aims and plans down below if you are interested in getting involved, and please don't hesitate to get in touch via our email or social media if you have any questions!



-To create a community for students who want to provide support for the homeless of Leicester, fitting around any and all educational commitments;

-To create a relaxed environment for students to contribute to helping the homeless through fundraising, volunteering or spreading awareness throughout campus

-To increase awareness around the issue of homelessness on and off campus, and provide educational links to resources where the staff and students of DMU can learn more;

-To create links with external charities and organisations to increase platform and contacts to provide an additional resource for them to spread their missions.



-Run regular fundraising and collection events on campus to increase awareness of the challenges of living on the streets, and to educate all DMU staff and students, encouraging them to get involved;

-Run donation collections (in conjunction with charities);

-Campaign to Leicester council and local governments to increase the work and priority of addressing the homeless issue in the city, through organised events and partnerships with organisations;

-Work alongside UOL Homeless Outreach and other DMU societies to run outreaches for greater participation at events and collections. Here, we will aim to collect as much food, drink and other items such as sleeping bags and coats as possible;

 -Work alongside 3 local homeless charities/shelters to support their work. This will be through supporting their fundraising events, collecting donations for their food and housing services, and advocate towards the homeless cause.



  • Tess Power - CHAIR

Hey, I'm Tess and I'm a second year Speech and Language Therapy student. I'm this year's chairperson for the Homeless Outreach society. This means that I'm the main point of contact for any questions, queries or ideas that anyone has towards the society. I work alongside other committee members to organise fundraising and outreach events, contact local charities to support, and make sure that the society can be one that anyone can contribute towards and feel like they're making a difference to the homeless community in Leicester, no matter how small! Feel free to send me a message and I'll try to answer all of your questions!


  • Elizabeth Burton-Johnson – SOCIAL MEDIA OFFICER

Hi! I’m a second year Media and Communications student and I’m looking forward to participating in this society in 2019/20! I’m hoping to establish a range of social media channels that provide valuable information, event details and links to exterior sources that will help raise awareness around the issue of homelessness in Leicester. I am hoping that these social media platforms can support the work that our society does by increasing awareness of events and maximising participation from DMU students and staff, as well as documenting the work we will be doing!


  • Ciara Morris - SECRETARY

Hi, I'm Ciara! I’m a final year Law LLB student, 21 and I grew up in Spain! I’m hoping as a society we can raise awareness towards the increasing amount of homeless people and positively impact others to help those less fortunate. I also can’t wait for us all to have fun at our socials together!


  • Darshan Sachdev - TREASURER

I’m a second year Business Management student. I’m looking forward to develop the society over the year and establish links with the community around us. I hope that as a society, we can raise funds that can be utilised in helping those in need.



I'm Dorcas Siliyo Macanda (go by Dee) and I'm a 2nd year Health and Wellbeing Student. I'm the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Officer! Hoping to ensure everything we do is fun but safe. Also, I'm hoping that, as a society, we can work towards awareness on the homeless situation in Leicester and everywhere, to bring people together to work on a cause that could affect us all at anytime.



Hi, I'm Tegan. I'm a 2nd year Creative Writing student and the Events and Fundraising coordinator for Homeless Outreach. I'm looking forward to working together as a society to raise awareness and fundraise together to help the homeless in Leicester and to support a worthy cause whilst having fun as a society. To anyone thinking of joining The Homeless Outreach society, I look forward to meeting you!

Tess Power
Events and Fundraising Co-ordinator
Tegan Harris
Health & Safety
Dorcas Macanda-Siliyo
Ciara Morris
Social Media Officer
Elizabeth Burton-Johnson
Darshan Sachdev
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