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Namaste & Welcome to

DMU NepSoc

The Nepalese society is the place of gathering and community for all who are interested in Nepalese culture and norms. We started this society last year so we can try to deliver a sense of belonging to all who are affliated with the Nepalese culture or are of Nepalese descent and provide a platform for insight, knowledge and understanding of our culture that is quite misunderstood. We are a hub for Nepalese and non-Nepalese alike; a place for those who are searching for a communal spirit or just to have fun.

What do we do:

As a society, we thrive to produce a community that is approachable and is able to create experiences. But ultimately at the end of the day we do what we do to have fun and enjoy. The upcoming academic year we would like to improve on what we have acheived both as a university society and a community of students. But for last year here are the things we did:

Momo Night:


Day of the Dead:


Inter NepSoc Sports Day:


Merging NepSoc's Talent Show:


What do we want to do:

Last year was our first year as a society and with that came creating a foundation. We believe we have done that so this year we would like to look ahead and see what we would like to do in the upcoming year. 


DMU has set up a fantastic oppurtunity for students to travel across the world. These includes trips that have bursaries, student led trips, academic trips and mass trips. Us as a society are also apply for trips via student led trips category and with this being said for the next academic term we would like to set up a trip to Nepal that includes such experiences such as trekking, cultural experiences, heritage sites, charity organisation volunteering etc.

The application for this starts in September and closes in November and we would like to be fully committed to application process for the next academic year.




We would also like be more involved with charities and fundraising during the next academic year. We are open to discussing various ideas and ways of raising money for charities

Merging NepSocs and Linking with other NepSocs:

We are very pleased that we are involved with Merging NepSocs and that we have an ambassadorial position in the current organisation. We woud like to develop and help Merging NepSocs and further our links with the organisation so we can create platform for networking within Merging NepSocs.

We would also like to further develop what we had with our fellow Nepalese Societies from other university and build on the relationships we created last year.


More Events!!

We weren't able to stick to a timetable previous year but this year we would like to create a structure that provides consisitent number events. We would like to target an event every 2 weeks or a month.


So, if you're interested please do not hesitate to contact us:

Instagram: @dmunepsoc     Facebook: DMU Nepalese Society 

Twitter: @DMUNepSoc              Email:


Dhanyabad & Thank you





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