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Welcome to the Cinema Society, we aim to provide the best cinematic experience possible for the student budget! We use the university facilities to replicate a cinema so that you can enjoy your favourite movies in the best possible way, on the big screen.

We promise to screen a range of films old and new and from a range of genres so that no matter what you taste, there will be film for you. To enhance the experience even further we are planning to include trips to the local cinema for fun filled nights out.

As part of the membership, you will also be able to dictate what film we watch be way of a Facebook poll vote. This gives you the opportunity to have your say and to help this be the most inclusive cinematic experience possible.

For more information Email us at:

Our sessions: Every Friday, Gateway House 3.52 from 5:30pm to 8pm, the film will start at 6pm. Why not check out our Events page to find out what film we'll be showing.

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