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Urban Dance World is the brand new society at DMU this year open to all DMU students who wish to learn and experience a new form of urban dance. Whether you are a beginner or a professional or just love to dance, come discover your passion for dance at Urban Dance World!

Lyrical dance is one of the main dance styles that we offer at Urban Dance World which is dance based on the lyrics of the song. Alongside this, a fusion of Bollywood and urban dance will be offered which will allow the students to not just learn urban style dance to English songs but also to Bollywood songs.

We want our students to connect to dance as well as people around them enabling them to learn something new from who they meet and also bring new ideas to the society.

We will be running weekly dance sessions (day/time/venue are to TBA). If you want to join us then simply purchase our one off £5 membership online.

If you have any questions/enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us via email or our social media:

Email: urbandanceworld@gmail.com

Instagram: @urbandanceworldsociety

Snapchat: urbandanceworld

Facebook: Urban Dance World

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