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Sikh Society

DMU Sikh Society Welcomes You!

We welcome students of all years and from all religious backgrounds. We aim to give everybody the opportunity to learn more about Sikhism, socialise and meet new people, as well as getting involved in a variety of charity work. We host a variety of activities, talks and social events, so there will be something for everyone.

About Us

Our University’s Sikh Society encompass a wide variety of subjects, colleges, study levels, and nationalities which has formed a dynamic and tight-knit group of Sikh students and fellows. Our society is dedicated to current members of our society as well as our alumni.
Membership is £5, just purchase your membership on this page.

De Montfort University's Sikh Society Is...

- One of the most successful Sikh Societies in the UK
- Integrates the social aspect with learning about the basics of Sikhism. Our events include food evenings out, games/movie nights, caddy-shakers (mini-golf) to religious events including kirtan-on-campus, weekly talks and gurudwara visits.
- Dedicated to encouraging all types of people to join; you don't necessarily have to be a Sikh or from a Sikh background to join.
- Our biggest event of the year, Langar-on-campus is one to attend, where we feed students as well as non-students around Leicester on De Montfort University's Campus.

Our Socials

Where? - Keep updated on our Instagram (@dmusikhsoc) and Facebook Page (DMU Sikh Society)
When & What time are our events? - Check our socials to find the latest information.

Annual Membership: £5.00

Our annual membership fee supports the funding of our events and activities throughout the year. Membership can be bought at any point in the year, and all memberships will expire at the end of the 2022/23 academic year.

Show Interest

By expressing interest in our society, you will be added to our mailing list until the end of November 2022 so that you get to hear about all that we're doing as a society. If you decide you're interested in what we do and would like to join in, you will need to pay for membership.

More information and weekly updates can be found on our social platforms.
Join us on: DMU Sikh Society Facebook Group and Instagram: @dmusikhsoc to find out more.
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