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Roller Society

Welcome to the DMU Roller society page. Here you can find any information regarding the society, its meeting times, event information and any relevant news. If you have any questions or just want to discuss rollerskating or skate hardware then feel free to message us.

Who are we and What do we do?

The DMU Roller society is a community focused on making roller skating big again and getting people excited about all styles of skating. Whether you've never been on wheels before or you're an absolute pro all skill levels are welcome.

We have limited numbers of skates available to rent on practice nights for £2.50 per session or you can feel free to bring your own pair

We have sessions putting together all members of all skill levels on all kinds of skates including beginners. We will have a few experienced skaters to help you learn and pick up the basics. we will not charge for sessions however, we will still be charging £2.50 for skate rental if you need to borrow a pair. Don't worry if you stumble and fall a few times. We all had to learn the hard way!

Join our Discord for the latest updates!


When are our meetings?

We hold meetings at the SU building in the function rooms. On occasions when indoor spaces are not available, we hold outdoor city skating sessions in city centre.

Our regular roller disco sessions are from 18:00 to 20:00 every Tuesday.(first session of 2023-2024 academic year is January 9th)

2023 Taster sessions will be completely free but, first come first serve. 


"I want to buy my own skating gear what should I get?"

While we can not recommend the exact skates to get if you wish to buy your own, you can feel free to message us via Instagram or our email and we will be happy to help you understand the types of skates and components you should look at for your specific style. we also have skate buying guides so you know what to look out for when buying skates!

We all know skating sounds pretty scary to learn and is a little goofy to see but trust us, once you're on wheels you really won't want to get off!

If you have any questions about our society or about skating and skate hardware feel free to message us through the platforms above and happy skating everybody!

Annual Membership: £12.50

Our annual membership fee supports the funding of our events and activities throughout the year. Membership can be bought at any point in the year, and all memberships will expire at the end of the 2023/24 academic year. 

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