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The De Montfort Poker Society is one of the largest and ever-growing societies with the DSU, running league nights, pub socials and many other events throughout the university year. All levels are welcome even beginners who are fresh to the game, in the opening weeks we’ll offer tuition and lessons within the game.

League nights are the poker nights which are held every Tuesday at 6pm at Riley’s Pool Bar in Leicester just a block from the Student’s Union. Cash games are also arranged for other evenings of the week via our Facebook page. We have tournaments starting at 6 every week, with either a £2 or £5 buy-in, the choice is yours.

This year we aim to attend many tournaments and poker events throughout, to widen your knowledge and experience around the game as well as build a good social group. Two years ago, we won the Goliath University League, which gave us a £5000 package that allowed us to enter members of the society in the Goliath main event for free. This year we hope to have just as much sucess.

We were not able to get the society going last year becuase of COVID-19 restrictions, but this year we aim to bounce back and bring this vibrant society back to what it was before the pandemic. 

Please note: We are still sorting out a venue. Society has not yet started this year. So please do not buy membership yet.

For details please check out our Facebook page, as this is where anything that goes on in the society is posted.

If you are new to poker or need to brush up your knowledge feel free to familiarise yourself with the basics at:

Chairperson: Nicholas Brice

Treasurer: James Field

Secretary: Harry Street

Health and Safety Officer: Ben Stott

(If you need any information feel free to find one of us on facebook/twitter and start a chat!)



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