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Welcome to the DMU Esports Society!

We are a student group that supports a large range of competitive games such as League of Legends & TFT, Overwatch, CS:GO, Valorant, Rocket League, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six Siege, Tekken, Smash and more. We focus on both competitive and casual gaming and everyone is welcome to join!

You can find all our social medias here:

Discord Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Twitch Email



The hub for our casual and competitive activity is our Discordwhere we have different channels for each type of game as well as a place for general talk. There are usually members playing together in voice channels, and people who are actively looking for other players to join them. It's a great place to meet new people with similar interests and for Freshers to get to know people before they make the big move to uni. We currently have many opportunities to partake in our own in-house tournaments, or gaming nights over Discord!


Competitive Players

For competitive players who aim to take their interests further, we offer opportunities to compete in the National University Esports League (NUEL), and the National Student Esports (NSE) against other UK University teams/players. DMU players of any skill level are encouraged to join as teams are set up in advance to accomodate for all skill levels. Here's some of our team's achievements in recent years: 

NSE Achievements


Gaming LANs

We host weekly LANs in the gaming labs at Gateway House on campus, where our players get together and have fun - it's a great way to meet new people at University and make friends within the society. We regularly run tournaments at these labs and members get to compete against each other and have the chance to win prizes. After these sessions we usually go to Spoons (where we've been able to get society discounts, as well as Firebug bar in Leicester!)



As well as labs, we also host regular socials such as pub meets, food trips, house parties & nights out, and many more events! We usually have a great turnout, such as our Alton Towers trip last year, our most recent Christmas mea, Karaoke, trips to Mosh, and also quiz nights!

We hope to see you in the coming year!


Committee Members:

Chairperson - Gj Abordo

Vice Chairperson - Phie Nicolls

Secretary -

Treasurer - Peter Macek

Social Secretary - Sumaiyah Kabir

Health and Safety -

Media and Communications -

Tournament Representative - Sam Johnson

Twitch Representative - Tom Henson

Tech Support - Charlie Judd, Rin Good



Gj Abordo
Media and Communications
Luke Farrow
Tournament Representative
Sam Johnson
Peter Macek
Vice Chairperson
Phie Nicholls
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