African Dance Society

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African Dance Society

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Hi there, we're a brand new society which recently got approved in October!

We will be launching as soon as the committee have completed their training.

Check back soon!

Our Student Group will provide a space for students of African decent and students from other cultures to celebrate the African dance culture with like-minded people. As a society we would like to organise dance classes, performance opportunities and create a space were students are able to express themselves through their love of dance.

As a society we would also like to treat our newly awaited committee members as a family, where they can freely come and celebrate their cultures and have other students from diverse backgrounds to also take part. We would like to provide support and comfort those students that begin their journey at DMU, and a space of freedom outside of the classroom.

Annual Membership: TBC

Our annual membership fee supports the funding of our events and activities throughout the year. Membership can be bought at any point in the year, and all memberships will expire at the end of the 2022/23 academic year.

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