African and Caribbean Society

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African and Caribbean Society

The African & Caribbean Society  is one of the most established societies across all universities in the UK. 

Here at DMU our ACS  we were recently nominated for the prestigious award, ‘Most Improved ACS of the year' at the ACS Awards. 

Our aim here at DMU is to bring students from African & Caribbean backgrounds together whilst also welcoming people from different cultures to educate, involve & enjoy themselves through our culturally diverse educational projects. We aim to achieve this by hosting different events ranging from sports,debates, social outings, music & networking campaigns. 

Here at DMU ACS, we want to make it our mission to ensure our members enjoy their experience to the fullest. We want to ensure that everyone receives an equally beneficial experience outside of the academic classroom and basks in the enjoyable familial atmosphere the ACS will provide you.

Please note: Although this is an African & Caribbean Society, we are welcome to all!


Annual Membership: £3.00

Our annual membership fee supports the funding of our events and activities throughout the year. Membership can be bought at any point in the year, and all memberships will expire at the end of the 2022/23 academic year.

Show Interest

By expressing interest in our society, you will be added to our mailing list until the end of November 2022 so that you get to hear about all that we're doing as a society. If you decide you're interested in what we do and would like to join in, you will need to pay for membership.

African Consultant
Ela Osman
Caribbean Consultant
Ashanti Williamson
Malachi Robinson
Creative Director
Oluwafeyifunmi Ibukunoluwa Oke
Casey Tatsa
Michael Baah
Wellbeing Officer
Romaya Owusu-Ansah
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DMU ACS Committee 2014

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Thu 14 Aug 2014
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