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Marxist Society

The Marxist Society at DMU is affiliated to the Marxist Student Federation nationally and is associated with the International Marxist Tendency at a global level. This means we have the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues in other parts of the world such as Venezuela, Pakistan, Italy, Greece and the United States to mention a few. The Society campaigns on issues of social justice and for free and equitable access to education. Above all, we are committed to the struggle for socialism and the overthrow of the barbarism and anarchy of capitalism. Come and join us if you want to see a better world, free of exploitation and poverty.

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The world is on fire! The weather has gone crazy! Climate change is evidenced all around us. For the

Wed 22 Sep 2021

Join the struggle against oppression - Fight for Socialism Now!

The climate crisis is not only man-made (sic), created by a patriarchal, racist capitalist system. T

Fri 20 Sep 2019
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