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Hellenic-Cypriot Society

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As we aim to bring together all students who share an interest in Hellenic and Cypriot culture, we promote Greek and Cypriot customs and social life. Not only do we organize cultural events, but we also arrange many activities to help students adapt and settle into student life in Leicester.

As far as entertainment is concerned, we offer weekly parties to entertain our members, we organize treasure hunts, as well as excursions within the UK. 

In addition, our football team has participated in the varsity league with excellent results since its beginning.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our events!

Anastasia Orfanidi
Events Manager
Panagiotis Simonos
Antonia Tsadioti
Sports Manager
Constantinos Lysantrou
Christia Zorpa
Wellbeing Officer
Eleftherios Serafim
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