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Global Hands is a Community Interest Society founded on June 7th, 2012 in the city of Leicester by ambitious individuals who wanted to do something about global inequality and the need to raise consciousness about local-global issues that affected them and other communities across the world. Additionally, we at Global Hands are interested in supporting people build their capacities to address local-global issues. Our belief is that we should teach people how to fish, rather than just give fish.


"We at Global Hands firmly believe that it is possible to build a better world through our collective efforts, and that each and everyone one of us can tranform our lives and that of others. It jsut starts with a single step..."


Key Objectives

To carry out activities which benefit the communit and in particular:

1. To promote social cohesion and social justice.

2. to work towards empowering the most vulnerable members of society, especially young poeple;

3. To promomte projects that ensure global equity and address issues of interenational development and glaobalisation:

4. To promote and understanding of global issues.


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