Its National HIV Testing Week!

22/11/13 - 29/11/13 marks the start of National HIV Testing Week. DMU LGBT+ Society is participating by raising awareness of the campaign in the fight against HIV as part of our welfare campaign.

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We are at the start of a new era in stopping the spread of HIV. We know that the combination of regular testing, HIV treatment and condom use is the key to success.

But tests, treatment and condoms are just tools – it is down to all of us as individuals to make it happen. It is what you do everyday that really makes a difference. You can stop HIV harming you and the ones you care about.

Today marks the start of a National and European wide HIV Testing Week. As a constituency, sexually active LGBT+ individuals are at a higher risk of contracting HIV. Therefore, this week the LGBT+ society aims to raise awareness of the sexual health information and services available in Leicester and from De Montfort SU through an extensive Social Media Campaign.


Some Key Facts

·      8 in 10 gay men get HIV from who doesn't know he has it

·      25-29 is the age group that most gay men test positive for HIV

·      Delaying testing allows HIV to damage your immune system without you realising, taking up to 10 years off your life expectency compared to those that have started treatment


Follow us on Twitter @DMU_LGBT, join our Facebook group DMU LGBT+ Official and check out our DSU Page throughout the week to keep up to date with our campaign! 



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