Committee Elections - Applications open!

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DMU LGBTQ+ SOCIETY, Elections, October 2019


Committee work is a rewarding university experience, that looks great on the CV, especially for equality and diversity reasons. Ontop of this, committee work is also volunteer hour tracked by the university, and you are rewarded with official institute accreditation of your verified hours from DMU and the end of your studies

Nominations for DMU LGBTQ+ Society elections are live, to fill the remaining spaces on the committee from the previous election at the end of the last academic year.


The LGBTQ+ Society are currently looking for a Gender Awareness Officer and a Social Media Officer, here's a little bit of information about each role if you are interested in joining us.

Gender Awareness Officer

  • Handles gender related queries to the society.
  • Help to co-host the weekly welfare meetings.
  • Create gender related content/presentations for welfare workshops through the year.
  • Work with the DSU LGBTQ+ and diversity staff to create and run events.

Social Media Officer

  • Help manage and run the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram society pages.
  • Use our platforms to promote the societies and the societies partners events.
  • Offer general social media presence throughout the week.
  • Work with other committee/society members on promotional campaigns for the society.

The requirements for both roles include

  • Must be active in the society.
  • Must be in constant communication with the other committee members.
  • Be available for our weekly Welfare Wednesday events (5-8pm on campus, termtime).
  • We prefer that you are a previous society member, however we are welcome anyone who shows considerable enthusiasm about the role.


If you are interested in running for either of these roles, you have until 23:59 on Monday 14 October to register interest and upload a manifesto to the link below on the students union website. If you have any questions, pop the society an email at

Lots of love, Chris - Chairperson


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