"I felt much more confident in being myself."

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#DMUpride, De Montfort University (DMU)’s celebration of LGBT History Month, is now in its third year – so we thought we’d ask some of your De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Officer Team what the month means to them.

First up, we’ve got Keira Rounsley, VP Welfare and Community at DSU…


It’s the third year of #DMUpride, and it’s only getting bigger and better every year.

DMU’s commitment to creating an inclusive campus is just amazing to see; and pride can mean anything to anyone. It can be a celebration and it can be an opportunity to live as you are.

At this year’s launch we saw more students than ever, and more than 400 students getting involved with making their #DMUpride top represent them and who they are by drawing on it with paints and pens, or adding an array of colour with our very own titillating tie dye station.

It’s easy to get lost in the celebrations of pride, however in times like this; I think it’s so important.

#DMUpride is a time when our LGBT+ staff and students, but also allies, come together and reflect on how far we’ve come as well as acknowledge how much more there is still left to do. This month’s #DMUpride is a mixture of celebration, education and making a commitment to make sure all staff and students feel able to express themselves and be who they are – a ‘Freedom to Be’.

As someone who came out at university I felt much more confident in being myself and embracing my sexuality, especially being around others who identify with the LGBT+ community, and it was amazing to see so many different groups of people supporting #DMUpride; it made me realise we are, as a community, heading in such a positive direction.

#DMUpride helps remind us all that although we can and should be proud of our sexuality and gender identity, there is still work to be done and until all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are accepted without exception, #DMUpride will continue to be such a powerful and important campaign for the people of DMU.

You can find out more about #DMUpride, including a full calendar of events for the month, here.

Keira was on hand to host last week's #DMUpride launch alongside Ben Browne, DMU's Chief Operating Officer.



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